PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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2008 Sundance Institute Celebration

Roseland Ballroom. October 27, 2008. By Jada Yuan

On 30 Rock, will your character be diminished by an Obama win? “If Obama wins, he’ll have plenty to complain about. It will be really fun, making fun of Obama.” —Alec Baldwin

Maggie Rizer

What will you do if McCain wins and Tina Fey leaves the planet? “We’ll have to film 30 Rock not at Silvercup but on another planet, which would be fucking cool.” —Judah Friedlander

Robert Redford

Hope Davis

Have you paid off your mortgage? “No, I haven’t Have you?” I rent. “You want to rent out the basement in our house? We’re looking for someone.” —Joe Pantoliano

Bart Freundlich (Getty IMAGES)

What are you plans for Election Night? “I’m flying back to L.A. I hope the plane has Internet. I’m on American. Do you know if they have Internet in coach? I’m flying coach because I’m doing Off Broadway.” —Christine Lahti

Aasif Mandvi

What’s the difference between shooting for a network and not for HBO? “You can hold a cigarette in your hand, but you can’t smoke it. That’s the censors’ rule. It stays lit, but you can’t put it in your mouth and you can’t take it out of your mouth.” —Michael Imperioli

Kenneth Cole

If Obama wins, do we need a new All in the Family? “If he wins, a lot of us are going to feel like born-again Americans.” —Norman Lear

Jane Fonda

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Getty IMAGES)

Will you and your wife dress up for Halloween? “We’ve talked about dressing as each other. ” Would you trade glasses? “We are equally myopic, which is the basis for any good marriage. Equal myopia. It’s very poetic.” —Ira Glass

John Cameron Mitchell (Getty IMAGES)

Judith Light

You ski when you’re out at Sundance. Are you any good? “A lot better than Robert Redford.” Have you skied with him? “No, but I assume. I’m a lot younger, and I’ve done a lot of racing. ” —Chevy Chase

party lines image