PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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2008 Library Lions Benefit

New York Public Library. November 3, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

Have you done a lot of research here? “I never did any research in the library. I just came to very interesting parties here.” —Tina Brown

Graydon Carter

Have you done a lot of research in the library? “I borrowed all these marvelous books on the railways and then didn’t return them for two months.” —Harry Evans

Christiane Amanpour

Barbara Walters

What do you read for pleasure? “Historical fiction, particularly 1880s and 1920s.” —Ivanka Trump

Paul Dano

Liz Smith

What do you love about the library? “I once tried to buy one of the library tables to put in my house. They couldn’t do it.” —Charlie Rose

Edward Albee

Mamie Gummer

Have you spent a lot of time at the library? “I was writing a book and applied to use the Frederick Lewis Allen Room for writers with book contracts. I was rejected.” —Nora Ephron with Nick Pileggi

Henry Kissinger

Lee Radziwell

Do you read for pleasure? “I read very little fiction. I only read in Spanish until the age of 25. So I read all the Spanish classics, because that was mandatory in school.” —Oscar de la Renta

Princess Firyal of Jordan

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

What do you love about the library? “The lions are my favorite New Yorkers, by far.” —Christine Quinn

Lorne Michaels

Toni Morrison

You’re being honored tonight by the New York Public Library. Have you done lots of research here? “I found out all this amazing stuff which is better than stuff I could have made up.” —Salman Rushdie

E.L. Doctorow

Ruth Reichl

You’re the president of the library. Do you have a favorite movie set here? “I guess Ghostbusters.” —Paul Le Clerc

party lines image