PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Charity Gala

Marriot Marquis. November 10, 2008. By Hailey Eber

Is the Brooklyn-Manhattan divide on Gossip Girl realistic? “If you live in New York, you hear a lot of times, ‘Oh, I’ve got to go all the way to Brooklyn.’ I’m not just saying this because I play Vanessa—the show is hyperreality.” —Jessica Szohr

Gilles Mendel

What’s been your favorite faux event on Lipstick Jungle? “The Halloween episode. We got to dance with 500 extras in costume.” —Lindsay Price

Kim Raver

Is Sarah Palin’s comparison of hockey moms to pit bulls apt? “They come in all shapes and sizes. My mom was as supportive as she could be, and she was as quiet as a mouse.” —Mike Richter

Kim Alexis

Any advice for Thanksgiving? “The trick is to keep the white meat moist by cooking the turkey upside down.” —Frances Fisher

Kathleen Turner

What should our priorities be in space right now? “We need to know how to make journeys far away, at least past the moon as preparation to go to the moon of Mars.” —Buzz Aldrin

Meryl Streep

David Blaine

Do you cook for Thanksgiving? “Our kitchen is too small. We’ll just order everything in.” —Glenn Close

Chuck Close

Francine LeFrak

Are hockey moms as tough as Sarah Palin says? “I'm going to keep quiet about hockey moms, because I’m a hockey dad. My son is just starting out, so I have to deal with them.” —Brian Leetch

Beth Ostrosky Stern

Ron Duguay

What kind of dog should the Obamas get? “The dog can’t be too big. You’ve got to think of Air Force One.” —Molly Sims

Kerry O’Malley

Matthew, Alexandra, and Will Reeve

What kind of dog should the Obamas get? “Golden retriever.” Even with Malia’s allergies? “Obama gave up cigarettes. She’s got to give up breathing out of her nose.” —Robert Buckley

party lines image