PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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New York City Ballet 2008 Opening Night

Lincoln Center. November 25, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

Do you have a lot of memories of seeing performances at Lincoln Center? “In fifth grade I came here to see Danny Kaye at the Metropolitan Opera.” —Vanessa Williams

Alicia Keys

Do you get to take advantage of New York's cultural offerings or only big stuff like this? “We support any cultural institution as an audience first and foremost.” —Sarah Jessica Parker

Al Roker

Debra Roberts

You're on Ugly Betty. Are you into fashion? “I have designs. I want to do a jeans line for boys and girls that are sometimes too skinny to fit into jeans, or too husky to fit into some jeans.” —Mark Indelicato

Veronica Webb

Peter Martins

Your husband is a ballet dancer. Do you dance with him? “He tried to give me tips when we first got married, but I’m not a very good dancer. I think he just gave up.” —Candace Bushnell

Alexandra Lebenthal

Peter Som

Do you attend a lot of cultural events? “I try to. I couldn't wait to move back from Los Angeles to partake of all these things.” —Blythe Danner

David Koch

Zani Gugelmann

Where do you get your pop-culture news? “I always go through Perez Hilton. I’m still trying to figure out half the characters on that site. But it makes me feel like I’m in touch.” —Derek Lam

party lines image