PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Eighteenth Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards

Museum of Finance. December 2, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

You have a new hair color. “I brought in pictures of Nicole Kidman. She’s the only one in this world that’s as pale as me, so I thought it would match.” —Evan Rachel Wood

Ethan Hawke

What’s with the mustache? “Rachel loves it. No more comments.” —Darren Aronofsky (Getty Images)

Penélope Cruz

Mickey Rourke

Your husband, Darren, says you like his mustache. “I don’t want him to ever, ever shave it off.” —Rachel Weisz

Melvin Van Peebles

Michelle Williams

What’s the most annoying thing about New York? “When it gets really, really cold and I have bags and it’s raining.” —Haaz Sleiman

Patricia Clarkson

Philip Seymour Hoffman (Getty Images)

Will Sean Penn and James Franco be here? “They will. I bet I can get them to make out.” —Aasif Mandvi

Alison Pill

Tom McCarthy

What’s the worst thing about shooting in New York? “The cold. The crowds and the cold.” —Amy Adams

Terrence Howard

Rebecca Hall

Do you miss New York? “I’m not so good at living here, but it’s great to visit.” —Gus Van Sant

Richard Jenkins

Danai Jekesai Gurira

What was the hardest thing about writing The Wrestler? “The wrestling. I was hoping Darren [Aronofsky] would let me write, ‘And now they wrestle,’ and he would kind of deal with it. But he made me actually write out every last move. It was very awkward.” —Robert Siegel

Debra Winger

Philippe Petit

Is it annoying to shoot in New York City? “You begrudge having to go to bed because you know this city is alive and beckoning you here and there.” —Ben Kingsley

Sheila Nevins

Your movie, Frozen River, won Best Feature Film! Are you going to party now? “I’m going to get rip-roaring drunk.” —Courtney Hunt

Dennis Hopper

Melissa Leo

Some awards shows are cutting back, but not yours. “This is without question the single most lavish thing we ever do. Tomorrow we go back under the stairs in the basement.” —Michelle Byrd

party lines image