PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Doubt’ Premiere

Paris Theater. December 7, 2008. By Helin Jung

There’s some Oscar talk regarding your performance. “It feels fabulous because I just went into it feeling like I didn't want to suck playing a scene with Meryl Streep.” —Viola Davis

Meryl Streep

What’s it like wearing a habit? “The wardrobe lacked all vanity, and I embraced that very much.” —Amy Adams

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Are you religious? “I was brought up Methodist. I have a great joy in the mystery of everything.” —Cherry Jones

Julian Schnabel

Edie Falco

What was the worst part about Catholic school for you? “The Christian Brothers. They threw me out finally. We didn't get along. But the Sisters of Charity were actually very good educators.” —John Patrick Shanley

Celia Weston

Would you go to Catholic School after being in this movie? “If Philip Seymour Hoffman was there as my best friend, I think so. But Meryl Streep? I mean, she's a great person, but her character was scary.” —Joseph Foster (GETTY IMAGES)

Tovah Feldshuh

Are you religious? “I was an altar girl for about four years. We had to wear robes. I had to jingle the bells while the priest was saying the prayers.” —Nikki Blonsky

Haaz Sleiman

Sylvia Miles

Which of the seven deadly sins are you guilty of? “I always thought there were more than seven!” —Stanley Tucci

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