PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Opening Night of ‘Shrek the Musical!’

The Broadway Theatre. December 14, 2008. By Diana Scholl

Is all that Shrek makeup bad for your skin? “I have more skin-care products than my wife. My skin will be in better shape after this is over. The people that are applying it are very, very diligent.” —Brian d’Arcy James

Cameron Diaz

People are saying you guys are the new Oprah and Gayle. “We love that. They wish.” —Kathie Lee Gifford with Hoda Kotb

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

The tagline for this show is "Bringing ugly back." Didn't Ugly Betty already do that? Shrek is a whole different kind of ugly than Ugly Betty. When Ugly Betty meant ugly, they meant not literally.” —Mark Indelicato

Amy Ryan

Sam Mendes

Did you have a moment where love wasn’t what you thought it would be? “Yeah, my twenties.” —Cheyenne Jackson

Phylicia Rashad

You play the donkey. Was it hard not to do Eddie Murphy? “A lot of people were telling me, ‘You were doing a really good Eddie Murphy from Shrek’ and I'm like, ‘No, I was doing Eddie Murphy from Trading Places.’” —Daniel Breaker

Bobby Cannavale

You’re in The Little Mermaid. Is there a DreamWorks-Disney rivalry? “I’m here as a Disney princess to see another princess.” —Sierra Boggess

Hope Davis

You haven’t done a musical in a while. “Everything Shrek touches turns to green, so we have our fingers crossed.” —Jeffrey Katzenberg

America Ferrera

You’re politically active. Have you ever thought about seeking office? “I've been offered, and I decided that I'm a bit too honest and a bit too expressive.” —Rosie Perez

Sutton Foster

What would be a better musical, Ugly Betty or Who's the Boss? Ugly Betty because you have so many more characters and potential for stories. But if they want to turn Who's the Boss? into a musical, we'll talk.” —Judith Light

Christine Ebersole

Did anything fun happen before the opening tonight? “Everyone in the company got green iPods.” —Marissa O’Donnell

Joan Rivers

Who do you relate to the most in Shrek? “The donkey. I talk too much.” —Stephanie J. Block

party lines image