PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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United Artists Presents the New York Premiere of ‘Valkyrie’

Time Warner Center. December 15, 2008. By Nina Mandell

Does Suri watch you work on set? “She's great on the set. She knows when to be quiet when I'm shooting. She knows to watch the monitor and when I'm done.” —Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes (Getty Images)

Were you starstruck by Tom Cruise? “It sounds so lame, but he's nice. Sometimes I just sat around thinking, Man, I'm such an asshole. I should be nicer.” —Thomas Kretschmann

Bryan Singer

Padma Lakshmi

Did Tom Cruise give you any advice on set? “‘Hang on tight,’ when he started flying a plane.” —Jamie Parker

Armand Assante

Bill Nighy

What’s the nicest thing Tom Cruise said to you during filming? “That my boyfriend has taste.” —Carice van Houten

Christian Berkel

Gloria Reuben

You’ve been on the auto-racing scene longer than Carl Edwards, but can you do a victory backflip like he does? “I've been around quite a bit longer. That's why I can't do the backflip.” —Jeff Gordon

Ingrid Vandebosch

Kenneth Branagh

How did you lighten the mood on the set after filming? “There was no after filming. There was only in-between filming.” —Terence Stamp

Eddie Izzard

Mario Lopez

Tom Cruise portrayed your grandfather. How did he do? “It was lovely to see how curious he was to learn about every little detail. He actually knew more than I did in the end.” —Philipp von Schulthess (Getty Images)

party lines image