PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Tribeca Cinema Series Screening of ‘Marley and Me’

Tribeca Cinemas Gallery. December 17, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

Do you spoil your dog, Daphne? “We let her drive the car. Not in the city, but in the country. There’s not a lot of traffic out there, and she’s a good driver.” —Denis Leary with Ann Lembeck

Abigail Breslin

What’s the most intimate thing you do with your dog? “I make out with her. I’m in love with her.” —Beth Ostrosky

Richard Kind

What’s the strangest place you’ve taken your dog, Oliver? “We took him skiing in Italy. He got a ski pass.” —Chuck Scarborough with Ellen Ward

Alison Becker

Does your dog, Angus, get jealous? “Male dogs love male humans. He would probably leave me for any guy that walked in the room.” —Julia Szabo

Kiera Chaplin

Patricia Duff

Does your dog, Buddy, have any quirks? “He’s really a city dog. He gets very anxious and nervous in the country. He prefers pavement to grass.” —Jane Rosenthal with Craig Hatkoff

Cindy Adams

What’s your dog’s weirdest habit? “He has a nervous condition. He’s probably not enjoying this at all.” —Rachel Roy with Ava Dash

Jennifer Missoni

Wendy Diamond

If you were the dog in Marley & Me, would you crawl into Jennifer Aniston’s lap or Owen Wilson’s? “Oh, come on. Owen Wilson! The cutest one in the room.” —Hoda Kotb

party lines image