PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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2008 New York Film Critics Circle Awards

Strata. January 5, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Have you ever confronted a critic? “I had somebody take a picture of me with my pants down and my ass out for Ben Brantley. I sent him the picture.” —Josh Brolin

Marcia Gay Harden

Your character in Vicky Cristina Barcelona is over the top. What inspired you? “I’ve always been very fascinated and curious about mental instability. For her, the rest of the world is crazy.” —Penélope Cruz

Sean Penn

Does criticism of Wall-E upset you? “I don’t delude myself into thinking everybody’s going to like it. I certainly don’t like everything that I see.” —Andrew Stanton

Sally Hawkins

There’s a lot of opera in Milk. Did the real Harvey Milk like opera? “He grew up sneaking into the Met in New York City and listening to opera, and going up in the balcony and having a little extracurricular activity.” —Dustin Lance Black

Mike Leigh

Did you read reviews for your movie Frozen River? “I get the gist. I have sort of a point person, and he gives me thumbs-up, thumbs-down.” —Courtney Hunt

Paul Haggis

Are you going to do DVD commentary for Milk? “We haven’t planned to do any. I’m not that analytical about it.” —Gus Van Sant

Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein

Do you read criticism of your work? “Sometimes a review can really give you wings; you go, ‘Gosh, someone noticed what I was doing.’ When you’re starting out, it’s just amazing.” —Sigourney Weaver

Dan Jinks

Did you read all the reviews for your screenplay, Rachel Getting Married? “I had just had a baby when this movie came out. There was a certain back-to-reality, clean-the-spit-up-off-the-shoulder kind of thing.” —Jenny Lumet

Salman Rushdie

Is it strange to be caught up in the movie world later in life? “I think of myself as a moviemaker who has not done his first film yet.” —Philippe Petit

party lines image