PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Cinema Society, Nextbook, and Grey Goose Host ‘Defiance’ Screening

Landmark Sunshine Theater and Shang. January 12, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

Did you all get along while making the film? “I thought Daniel Craig would be this annoying A-lister, but he’s really not.” —Liev Schreiber

Alexa Davalos

Was it rough shooting in Lithuania? “I had a warm bed to go to at night. I didn’t sleep out there, which I probably should have done.” —Daniel Craig

Agyness Deyn

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done? “Being a young kid from the northeast of England who chose to have dance as my main form of expression.” —Jamie Bell

Milena Govich

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

You weren’t at the Golden Globes with your 30 Rock castmates. “There are limited tickets to these things.” —Katrina Bowden

Yigal Azrouël

Ivanka Trump

Are you upset that Spring Awakening is closing? “The show is opening in London and still on tour in America, so it’s going on to its other life.” —Duncan Sheik

Martha Stewart

Jill Hennessey

You shot in Lithuania. Was it difficult? “Lithuania is a grim place. There was nothing particular that was difficult, except for the fact that it was so cold and so wet.” —Edward Zwick

André Balazs

Ellen Barkin

Your violin is a Stradivarius worth millions. How do you carry it around? “I’ve been carrying around priceless instruments since I was very young, so I’m careful, but not neurotic about it anymore.” —Joshua Bell

Olivia Palermo

Dan Abrams

What did you do instead of going to the Golden Globes last Sunday? “I was in New York playing Ping-Pong and doing stand-up comedy shows.” —Judah Friedlander

Carson Kressley

Jay McInerney

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done? “Having a baby.” —Naomi Watts

Tony Bennett

What should Obama play at the inauguration? “‘Fight the Power.’ A good old-school choice.” —Russell Simmons

party lines image