PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Bulgari Hosts the 2008 National Board of Review Awards

Cipriani 42nd Street. January 14, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

What kind of scripts are you getting these days? “What I am being thrown ranges from the sweet to the terribly, terribly complex.” —Anne Hathaway

Amy Adams

Will you ever retire? “My wife doesn’t want me to hang around the house too much.” —Clint Eastwood

Salma Hayek

Edward Norton

Are designers sending you gowns to wear? “Lots of clothes. I’ve been the character actor who’s the plain, not attractive girl. It feels good to put some makeup on and feel a little cute.” —Viola Davis

Josh Brolin

Does Doubt’s success surprise you? “When you do something that has women in shapeless clothing and nobody’s driving a fast car or shooting a gun, you don’t know whether anybody’s going to see it.” —John Patrick Shanley

Regis and Joy Philbin

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Who did you really want to meet at the Golden Globes? “Steven Spielberg. That would have been a dream come true to have just shook his hand.” You didn’t say hello? “I was too nervous.” —Dev Patel

Philippe Petit

Did working on Doubt take you back to your school days at all? “I remember when they went from the Latin liturgy to English. We were all appalled and disapproving.” —Meryl Streep

Richard Jenkins

Tim Robbins

Have you gotten lots of offers because of Frozen River’s success? “Oh, yeah. And not so much before.” —Courtney Hunt

David Fincher

Andrew Stanton

You wrote Gran Torino. How did you feel when you learned Clint Eastwood took a part? “I was shocked. I still am.” —Nick Schenk

party lines image