PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball

Harman Center for the Arts. Washington, D.C. January 19, 2008. By Diana Scholl

What are your expectations for the inauguration tomorrow? “America is pregnant with a new baby we call hope and freedom. She will give birth tomorrow at 12.” —Don King

Paula Campbell

What should we do to help the economy? “We have to cut back. Instead of going to movies every week, go once a month.” Is that what you do? “No, I go every week. But some people have to cut back.” —Bill Bellamy

Busta Rhymes

Angel Lola Luv

Would you ever go into politics? “I promised my mother I would never return to a life of crime, so I won't until they clean politics up.” —Judge Greg Mathis (GETTY IMAGES)

Dr. Benjamin Chavis (GETTY IMAGES)

Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Did you volunteer for Barack Obama’s campaign? “I knocked on doors in Iowa. In order to get kids out of their dorm rooms [and] to the Iowa caucus, they asked me to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.” —Tatyana Ali

Simeon Rice

Young Jeezy

Any advice for Obama? “He should listen to his intuition. That, along with his Cabinet — he'll be fine.” —LL Cool J

MC Lyte


You volunteered for Obama and registered voters. Was that fun? “One time someone fixed me a grilled cheese sandwich. I was hungry. It was in South Carolina.” —Nick Cannon

Kolby Smith

Lance Gross

Have you ever considered a political career? “Everything I do has social and political implications. Everything you do, too.” —Russell Simmons

party lines image