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HBO’s Viewing Party for ‘Flight of the Conchords’

Angel Orensanz Foundation. January 26, 2008. By Alisa Gould-Simon

Do you have a lot of superfans like Mel in real life? “Once my bongos got stolen and held ransom. And I was supposed to meet this girl at a drumming circle if I wanted them back.” —Jemaine Clement

Janie Haddad

On the show you tell Mel that you don’t date fans. Is that a real policy? “I just don’t date married people.” —Bret McKenzie

James Bobin

In a recent episode, Bret and Jemaine work as prostitutes. What’s the weirdest job you ever had? “I was the Fairy Princess at Marshall Field’s during the Christmas season. Sometimes the dads would slip me some money. You know, I wasn't the Fairy Prostitute. I was the Fairy Princess.” —Stephanie March

Bobby Flay

Any regrettable drunk experiences? “I got really drunk and got ‘Fuck Elvis’ tattooed on my ass in cursive.” —Sam Brown

Trevor Moore

David Costabile

Do you put any of the new women through hazing rituals on SNL? “No, no hazing. No farm animals or anything weird.” —Kristen Wiig

John Hodgman

Paul F. Tompkins

What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had? “For two weeks a temp agency in Florida made me the admissions guy at a VD clinic.” —Todd Barry

party lines image