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TeNeues Hosts a Book Party for ‘Russell James’

Stephen Weiss Studio. January 28, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

You’re in the book. What’s the strangest thing Russell James asked you to do? “Shoot underwater. I don’t know how many meters, maybe five, six meters. He tied me underwater. I had no air.” —Alessandra Ambrosio

Russell James

Russell James photographs women in various states of undress. Who would you like to see photographed naked? “I’d like to see Obama. I have a theory [and] I would like to see if it’s right.” —Alan Cumming

Doutzen Kroes

A model fell at the Chanel couture show. Is it worse to fall wearing couture? “If you fall, it’s just going to be miserable regardless, but you certainly don’t want to rip a Chanel couture dress.” —Brooklyn Decker

Who would you like to see photographed naked? “Sienna Miller. I saw her naked in Factory Girl, but I would really like to see her.” —Doua Moua

Ally Hilfiger

Russell James never wears shoes. Is there something you always wear or never wear? “I wear a bodysuit every day of my life.” —Donna Karan

Douglas Hannant

Julie Henderson

There are a lot of naked people in the book. Who would you like to see photographed naked? “I won’t answer that question. But I’ll happily take a look at the book.” —Josh Bernstein

Nicole Trunfio

Noémie Lenoir

What’s the strangest thing a photographer’s ever asked you to do? “All these people staring at me, and I’m on the grass, and they wanted me to crawl like an animal. I felt like I was being abused.” —Angela Lindvall

Erin Wasson

Zuzana Gregorova

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had to do on a shoot? “There’s nothing stranger than being naked in a room full of people. Unless you’re having a baby or something, it’s really pretty weird.” —Veronica Webb

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