PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Drama League’s ‘Musical Celebration of Broadway’

The Rainbow Room. February 2, 2008. By Ross Kenneth Urken

You’re in Transformers 2. Are you a fan? “I always just called the big one ‘Megatron,’ which made Michael Bay very mad, because his name is something else.” —Julie White

Daphne Rubin-Vega

Does playing a drag queen in La Cage Aux Folles require cojones? “Even though they’re tucked away, the biggest.” —Gavin Creel

Allyson Tucker and Brian Stokes Mitchell

Your daughter Martha is in Pal Joey. What’s it like to watch her perform? “It’s the way it should be — we should be surpassed by our children.” —Keith Carradine

Eloise Mumford

There are a lot of men in drag here. “Some of these men are prettier than I am. I need to fix up a little.” —Bailey Hanks (getty images)

James Barbour

What was your favorite recent theater moment? “I saw three things in one week: Billy Elliot, Equus, and Speed-the-Plow — before Jeremy left.” —Julie Halston

Bonnie Comley

You’re in Equus. Do lots of people try to get backstage to see Daniel Radcliffe? “He’s surrounded by bodyguards. The place is crawling with them.” —Kate Mulgrew

Stewart F. Lane

What kind of cojones do drag queens need to dress up as women? “None! They’re glamorous. Are you kidding?” —Chita Rivera

James Nederlander

You played a drag queen in the original La Cage Aux Folles. “The guys around me gave me so many beauty tips and walking tips. I was a teenager when I got the job, and they made me a better girl than I already was.” —Cady Huffman

Does it take cojones for men to dress in drag? “In this town, not much. In Wichita, more. ” —Jackie Hoffman

party lines image