PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Cinema Society, Philosophy & Stardoll Screen ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’

Tribeca Grand Hotel. February 5, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

What’s been your worst behavior in a relationship? “I’ve probably done a bit of stalking.” —Ginnifer Goodwin

Johannes Huebl

What new endorsements should Michael Phelps get now that he’s a known pot smoker? “Billabong. They make swimwear.” —Carson Kressley

Amy Sacco

Alexie Gilmore

Do you have any Gossip Girl tips about how to spread stories without getting caught? “You’ve got to be sneaky, and you have to be 16.” —Amanda Setton

Derek Blasberg

Eugenia Silva

You went to the Super Bowl. How was it? “If I heard ‘Show me the money!’ once, I heard it 15,000 times.” —Cuba Gooding Jr.

Chris Benz

Maggie Rizer

After watching the movie, is there still something you don’t understand about men? “How long do you have? A couple of hours?” —Helena Christensen

Eva Amurri

Michael Kors

Is there something you still don’t get about guys? “Why they insist on leaving their socks and clothes on the floor. It wouldn’t even bother me so much if they would just put them on a chair.” —Lindsay Price

Camille Guaty

Christian Siriano

You’re young. Are you dating yet? “I’m in high school. I’m in that stage where I need to actually get a date first.” —Mark Indelicato

Genevieve Jones

Jane Seymour

What do men do that drives you nuts? “They’ll wear their clothes until there are holes all the way through them, and they won’t let you throw them away or darn them. That’s at least my husband.” —Melora Hardin

Patricia Clarkson

Zoe Kravitz

Have you ever broken up with someone via text message? “No. I’m not that mean.” —Taylor Momsen

party lines image