PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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New York Academy of Art Tribeca Ball

New York Academy of Art. March 2, 2009. By Jada Yuan and Suzanne Zuckerman

Do you have any artistic talents? “They saved all my doodles from the White House.” —President Bill Clinton

Justin Timberlake

Are there any deals here tonight? “When you’re dealing with emerging artists, everything’s really great and really cheap. So this is an opportunity for art collectors. It’s a recession party, in a way.” —Eileen Guggenheim

Jean-Pierre Roy

Have you taken any art classes? “A drawing class with Cornell Medical School. We actually cut into a face and peeled back the skin so we could understand how the bones and the musculature worked.” Isn’t that a bit morbid? “No! How else are you supposed to figure that stuff out?” —André Balazs

Beatrix Ost

How do you support the Academy of Art? “I made the tablecloths one year. Blue moss crepe tablecloths.” Isn’t that an expensive fabric? “Blue had gone out of style, but it still had use for festive purposes.” —Nicole Miller

Mark Mennin

Any artist you’d like to portray? “I particularly don’t want to play artists, particularly if they’re good artists or well-liked artists. You’re never going to play Orson Welles better than Orson Welles. I had to play Orson Welles once.” —Liev Schreiber

Vincent Desiderio

There’s a naked man and woman over there. “Oh, okay. That’s why everybody’s in there.” —Monet Mazur

Leena Nath

Did you paint the nude couple? “I saw Goldfinger and I’m really afraid that I’m going to paint over the one place on their body where their skin can breathe.” —Bettina Zilkha

Will Cotton

What did you do for your snow day during the storm? “I went to a friend’s house in Greenpoint and shoveled snow in my Wellington boots.” —Alek Wek

You sketch as a designer. Do you do any other fine arts? “I grew up being a fine artist and I found everything I loved and wanted in fashion: art and the architecture aspect and the technical aspect.” —Jason Wu

Have you seen the naked people yet? “They’re fun-size, like us.” —Andy Spade “Let’s go. I don’t want to stand here looking at naked people.” —Kate Spade

party lines image