PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Opening Night of ‘33 Variations’

Eugene O’Neill Theatre and Buddakan. March 9, 2009. By Alisa Gould-Simon

Skinny ties are supposedly making a comeback in the recession. Is that why you’re wearing one? “I think skinny ties look fantabulous whatever is going on in the economy. And, yes, fantabulous. I said it.” —Colin Hanks

Jane Fonda

What’s unexpected about working with Jane Fonda? “She hasn’t been onstage in 46 years. That is really the biggest surprise, to see how somebody manages to keep all of those techniques and craft alive for so long.” —Moisés Kaufman

Dolly Parton

David Hyde Pierce

If you had your own reality show, what would it entail? “It would be called Rose Is Right, and I would tell everybody what they were doing wrong.” —Rose McGowan

Geoffrey Rush

Marcia Gay Harden

You play Jane Fonda’s daughter. How was your working relationship? “Initially I was just in awe and a little intimidated. But then after a couple of days you start cracking dirty jokes.” —Samantha Mathis

Richard Kind

Eve Ensler

You play Beethoven. Do you have anything in common with him? “I’ve got bad hearing myself. That’s one of the ways in which I really relate to Beethoven, that kind of fear of becoming socially awkward.” —Zach Grenier

Valerie Harper

Don Amendolia

You’re playing Jane Fonda’s character in Nine to Five. Has she seen you? “She gave it her blessing. That made me feel like a million bucks, you know?” —Stephanie J. Block

party lines image