PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

Cinema Society and Brooks Brothers Screen ‘The Great Buck Howard’

Soho and Tribeca Grand Hotels. March 10, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

This was the first time you’ve worked with your son. “Well, actually, raising him for a while — that was something.” —Tom Hanks

Emily Blunt

This is the first time you’ve worked with your dad. Was that weird? “He wanted to do it; I was not about to turn him down.” —Colin Hanks

Selita Ebanks

Jason Schwartzman

John Malkovich plays you in the movie. How is he? “When he’s shaking hands with Regis — and I’ve done 109 shows with Regis — it’s almost like I’m looking at myself.” —The Amazing Kreskin

Bebe Neuwirth

Eriq La Salle

In the movie, Colin Hanks takes a job with a mentalist. Have you had weird jobs? “I was the head cabbage-cutter at a fast-food place called Egg Rolls Etc., which blessedly closed after I was unceremoniously let go.” —John Malkovich

Beth Ostrosky

Jonathan Ames

What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had? “Hair model. They dyed my hair blonde, and then about a month later my hair fell out. I was completely bald.” —Jasika Nicole

Griffin Dunne

Jane Fonda

Is John Malkovich intimidating? “The company that financed this film said, ‘Watch out for Malkovich, he will fuck you.’ And then he showed up and he was nice and cool and funny and sweet. I almost wish that he had really let me have it.” —Sean McGinley, director

Debra Winger

Fred Schneider

You’re on Ugly Betty right now. Isn’t Ana Ortiz pregnant? “Half of my job is to block her belly from the camera.” —Ralph Macchio

Blythe Danner

How long was it before your parents thought your show-business career would work out? “They never did.” —Regis Philbin

Matthew Settle

What was your weirdest job? “I dressed up as Tweety Bird at a mall for the opening of the Warner Bros. store in Chicago. Kids would come around and hit the Tweety Bird head, so I was swearing inside. It was for $100 a day.” —Rachel Dratch

party lines image