PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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NRDC’s 11th Annual Forces for Nature Benefit

583 Park Ave. March 30, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Is there one thing you just can't give up? “A good cuddle with my husband.” —Stella McCartney

Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Do you do anything that’s environmentally excessive? “Occasionally I will do something that’s a bit of a splurge, like hire a private plane if it’s necessary. You’ve got to do what you need to do.” —Paul McCartney

Diane Von Furstenberg

Fred Armisen

While everyone tries to be more ecofriendly, is there anything you can't give up? “Like most people in late-night television, I have very few of those gas-guzzling accoutrements. I mostly am just bracing for the fare hike. That’s the sort of travel I do.” —Seth Meyers

Elisabeth Moss

Mike Richter

How do you feel about your Hardee’s commercial? “I watched it once.” —Padma Lakshmi

Andre Balazs

Since you grow food on your farm in Pennsylvania, are we ever going to see Jeff Koons foods on our supermarket shelves? “We may grow hops and brew some beer.” —Jeff Koons

Kristen Wiig

Graydon Carter

Do you ever ride your bike for transportation? “I don’t ride it to commute in the city, and for a while, I’m not riding it anywhere.” —Matt Lauer

Ziyi Zhang

Ronald Perelman

What’s your biggest environmental excess? “Flying commercially.” —Alec Baldwin

Lorne Michaels

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