PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Topshop and Topman Opening Parties

Balthazar and The Box. March 31, 2009 and April 2, 2009. By Bennett Marcus and Jada Yuan.

Jennifer Hudson is singing tonight. Would you ever sing with her? “Oh no, never. I don't sing. I just pout.” —Kate Moss

Blake Lively

Have you ever fought anyone for a piece of clothing? “Just my older sister. She'd get mad because I used to go into her closet and take stuff.” —Jennifer Lopez


Penn Badgley

Jennifer Hudson asked you to sing tonight, but you turned her down. Why? “Singing is what we do. It’s work. That's like asking the painter we were sitting with, ‘Why didn't you paint on the tablecloth while you were eating?’” —Marc Anthony

Jennifer Hudson

Debbie Harry

Ever get caught wearing cheap clothes to a fancy event? “Some of my best compliments are on a $15 Ross dress. Ross gets you a weird look, but I’ve rocked two or three good pieces from there over the years.” —Rosario Dawson

Kevin Spacey

Taylor Momsen

Ann, your foot is in a cast. What happened? “It was a New York City pothole, and I think I’m going to sue.” —Ann Dexter Jones & Annabelle Dexter Jones

Simon Cowell

Karolina Kurkova

Do you shop at Topshop when you go home to England? “It’s my first port of call whenever I go back to London. I go to Topshop even before I go to see my mum.” —Emily Mortimer

Michelle Trachtenberg

Zach Braff


Did you ever fight anybody for a piece of clothing? “I fought everybody who’s got breath and a heartbeat for a piece of clothing.” —Veronica Webb

Seth Meyers

Michelle Monaghan

You and Howard got tattooed together. Who was the bigger wimp? “Howard will shed a tear watching Smallville, but not on getting a tattoo. He just loves that show.” —Beth Ostrosky

James Blunt

Eva Amurri

Georgina Chapman

Would you take your mom to Topshop or Urban Outfitters? “I wouldn't take her. But if she sees something she likes on me, she kind of sends me to get it.” —Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Mark Ronson

Emma Roberts

Your talk show just started last month. Any big screwups so far? “Ugh, so many [that] I could make a whole show about it.” —Jimmy Fallon

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