PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Book Party for Jay McInerney’s ‘How It Ended: New and Collected Stories’

CRU Restaurant. April 6, 2009. By Jada Yuan

What’s the most debauched night you’ve had lately? “Just the usual Box performance, the medley of updated smutty burlesque skits and dancing vaginas.” —Jay McInerney

Candace Bushnell

You married Jay and Anne Hearst McInerney. Do you perform a lot of weddings? “As a retired mayor, I still do weddings. I happen to be very good at it. I’ve done over 200.” Have you ever done any gay weddings? “No. I do only legal weddings.” —Rudy Giuliani

Amanda Hearst

Steve Kroft

You took Justin Timberlake on a tour of the New York Academy of Art. Are you teaching him painting? “I don’t think I really taught him anything.” —Will Cotton

Nicole Miller

Did you and Jay McInerney used to date? “We had one date twenty years ago. Then we decided to be friends. I don’t know what would have happened if it went the other way. I wouldn’t be here. He’d be dead and I’d be in jail for murdering him.” —Helen Lee Schifter

Roger Waters

Did you ever engage in Bright Lights, Big City behavior? “No, I led a much more sedate life.” —James Lipton

Anne Hearst McInerney

Madonna failed to adopt a Malawian baby. Where should she adopt next? “How about America? Wouldn’t it seem logical? Be patriotic.” —Patty Raynes

André Balazs

Do you have one debauched night you remember with Jay? “Probably tonight. We still get as bombed as we used to, and it goes as late. But it’s a little easier on the system since it’s decent wine now.” —Debbie Bancroft

party lines image