PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Our Time Theatre Company Honors Howard Bingham

Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. April 13, 2009. By Nina Mandell

This month you are auctioning yourself off for charity in Boston. What’s the strangest thing you’ve bought at an auction? “A time-share for a house in France.” —John Slattery

Howard Bingham

You went to the president's inauguration. Did you party with any politicians? “The governor of Montana. I wouldn’t say he partied with us, but we hung out with him.” Did he give you his cowboy hat? “No, but I was trading barbs with his Secret Service guy.” —Nadia Dajani

Lauren Ambrose

Jeffrey Wright

Since having a child, have you noticed any changes in your behavior? “My vocabulary. Poop and pee have made their way back into the vernacular, mainly because they’re two of my daughter’s favorite words.” —David Alan Basche

Jane Alexander

B.D. Wong

Did you ever get stage fright as a child? “I absolutely did; I would get butterflies. And I would get flop sweats … those are the worst.” —Alysia Reiner

John Oliver

Kate Jennings Grant

What do you want New York to look like in ten years? “I hope we get out of the depression … I mean recession.” —Ed Sherin

Daphne Rubin-Vega

Ramon Rodriguez

Your husband, John Slattery, is auctioning himself for charity this month. What’s the weirdest charity item you've ever bought? “Maybe some cosmetics—that’s about as bizarre as it gets. I’ve never kissed anyone or anything.” —Talia Balsam

party lines image