PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Second Annual “24 Hour Musicals”

Gramercy Theatre. April 13, 2009. By Christianna Ablahad

Do you play any instruments? “The cello. But I'm worse at the cello than I am at playing the Hollywood game. Notice I didn’t say acting. Acting and the Hollywood game are two different things.” —Rachel Dratch

Alexie Gilmore

Should pirate fashion come back? “Eye patches are good. Especially when you have red-contact day or when you have a sty. Not a fan of the big blousy shirts.” —Cheyenne Jackson

Roger Bart

One musical performed tonight was called Rachel Said Sorry. What are you sorry for in real life? “I have, on occasion, drunk-texted exes. I don’t do that anymore. Drunk texting is bad.” —Tracie Thoms

Dr. Joy Browne

If you had to negotiate with sea pirates, what would you say to them? “Something piratical. Is that a word?” —Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Marnie Schulenburg

Are you scared of pirates? “When they’re not Johnny Depp, they’re terrifying.” —Richard Kind

Michael Longoria

Did you have any problems when you filed your taxes this year? “I’m in a tax bracket in which someone said to me, ‘You’re voting for Obama?’ And I went on my crazy—not crazy, sane—anti-Republican, anti-conservative-economics, anti-trickle-down rant.” —Jonathan Marc Sherman

party lines image