PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The ‘Grey Gardens’ Premiere Presented by HBO

Ziegfeld Theatre and Pierre Hotel Grand Ballroom. April 14, 2009. By Jada Yuan

What was worse when you made this movie: the prosthetics or cutting off your BlackBerry? “I was actually fine without the BlackBerry. I was much lonelier without my friends.” —Drew Barrymore

Jessica Lange

Do you have any crazy relatives? “I do have an uncle, interestingly enough, named Dick Long. That is not a joke.” —Justin Long

Kristen Wiig

Guy Talese

What would you buy at a Michael Jackson auction? “I’m probably too fat for his clothes. So maybe one of his gloves.” —Debbie Harry

Stanley Tucci

Olivia Thirlby

With all your tweeting, are you afraid of carpal tunnel in your thumbs? “I use an iPhone. It’s all about the index finger. No thumb overuse.” —Jimmy Fallon

Mira Nair

Chris Benz

The Obamas dressed their new puppy in a lei. Do you approve? “Oh, chic like the First Lady. I like that.” —Jason Wu

Hilary Rhoda

Steve Buscemi

Raccoons lived in Grey Gardens. Did you ever have any interesting encounters with raccoons? “I had a raccoon in my house. We gave it cheese and shrimp and salad.” —Adam Horovitz (getty images)

Nan Talese

Michael "Mike D" Diamond

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