PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Cinema Society & MCM Host the Premiere of ‘Obsessed’

The Bowery Hotel. April 23, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

How was working with Justin Timberlake for your SNL skit? “He can do the choreography better than me, which made me really, really jealous.” —Beyoncé

Lydia Hearst

You play a financial-asset manager in this movie. How did you get into character? “A lot of my research was about the finance world. I play America, someone that, you know, something crazy happens to.” —Idris Elba

Christine Lahti

Christian Siriano

You play the obsessive in this movie. Was Glenn Close your role model? “Please. She is the gold standard.” —Ali Larter

Ryan Lochte

Patricia Field

Were you obsessed with your wife before you married her? “I didn’t hide in the bushes and stuff, but in terms of stalking, I was persistent. For every three phone calls I got from Rebecca, she’d get nine from me.” —Jerry O'Connell

Kim Kardashian

Russell Simmons

What are you obsessed with lately? “Beyoncé. I’m just trying to figure out if she’s B tonight, or if she’s Sasha.” —Mamie Gummer

Rocco DiSpirito

Mark Indelicato

Who’s the craziest person you’ve ever worked with? “I cleaned bathrooms at the Spaghetti Warehouse. My boss stood over and watched me as I scrubbed the toilets.” —Sherri Saum

Narciso Rodriguez

Chanel Iman

Are you obsessed with anything at the moment? “My Sonicare toothbrush. And Jeopardy.” —Anika Noni Rose

Jessica White

Olivia Palermo

You’re in the new Spike Lee movie. Has he taken you to a Knicks game yet? “No! But I’ve sent him some text messages recently, and he doesn’t return them because he’s deep into watching a game.” —Colman Domingo

party lines image