PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘In the Loop’ Screening Presented by Quintessentially and IFC Films

Madame Geneva at Double Crown. April 26, 2009. By Alisa Gould-Simon

Is it too early to laugh about the Bush administration? “I think you’ve got to find the humor even when something is happening.” —Anna Chlumsky

Mimi Kennedy

You play a State Department officer in the film. How did you get into character? “I think watching all these bastards for years and years and years on television, it was just osmosis. Like Andrew Card, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove.” —David Rasche

Jeremy Irons

Do you use Twitter? “I had to eject someone who was claiming to be me.” —Armando Iannucci, Director

Irina Pantaeva

Was it difficult to get into your role as a State Department officer? “The fact that the world of politics can potentially be very petty or very catty is not dissimilar to acting.” —Zach Woods

Josh Bernstein

New York is experiencing a heat wave. Are you enjoying it? “It’s funny how quickly it went from ‘What a beautiful day’ to ‘It’s so fucking hot in this city I can’t stand it.’” —Edie Falco

John Oliver

Did you ever say anything during one of your ABC News broadcasts that you couldn't take back? “After the Red Sox had won and I was holding a bottle and I was tired, I couldn’t think of the word ‘bottle.’” —Ron Claiborne

party lines image