PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Film Society of Lincoln Center 36th Gala Tribute to Honor Tom Hanks

Alice Tully Hall. April 27, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

What’s the secret to your prolific career? “Movies are like this: If it’s cold, you gotta pretend you’re hot, and if it’s hot, you gotta pretend you’re cold.” —Tom Hanks

Julia Roberts

Your father seems so calm and collected. Does he ever yell, scream, or throw a tantrum? “It’s always fun to watch him yell at the computer when something’s not working. He’s like a caveman.” —Colin Hanks (Getty Images)

Charlize Theron

Adrien Brody

Is your husband, Tom, a technophobe? “Any failure of technology can really get him going. One time he smashed his cell phone.” —Rita Wilson

Christopher Walken

Christy Turlington (Getty Images)

Working with Tom Hanks, what’s one thing that surprised you the most? “Just that he never tires. He’s like a steelworker with a hard hat and goggles.” —Steven Spielberg

Christie Brinkley

Ron Howard

Have you ever seen Tom Hanks get angry or yell? “No. In every movie he’s worked in with my wife, she comes home blissfully happy.” —Nicholas Pileggi

Nora Ephron

Jeremy Irons

How did you meet Tom Hanks? “At the Chateau Marmont. He came over to my hotel because at that time I didn’t have a driver’s license, and I couldn’t go to him.” —John Patrick Shanley

Glenn Close

Regis & Joy Philbin

How did you meet Tom Hanks? “At a Vanity Fair after-Oscar party. My daughters were pushing me to ask him to be a voice in my film, and he came over and said, I was wondering if I could be a voice in your film.’” —Ken Burns

Sally Field

Geoffrey Rush

Is there anyone you always wanted to have host Saturday Night Live but you just couldn’t get? “Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, and Tiger Woods.” —Lorne Michaels (Getty Images)

party lines image