PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

Lucille Lortel Awards Celebrating Off Broadway

Marriott Marquis Hotel. May 3, 2009. By Tali Yahalom

What is your dream play to act in? “It hasn’t been written yet. Hopefully someone will write one for me.” —Jane Krakowski

Parker Posey

As a teen in New York, do you identify with the show Gossip Girl? “I’m a teenager. I’m obligated to watch it.” —Mark Indelicato

Marcia Gay Harden

Piper Perabo

What do you think of Michelle Obama's fashion sense? “She’s not a rare-hothouse-flower porcelain doll. I couldn’t be happier.” —Tim Gunn

Kristen Johnston

Karen Olivo

When you played a cleaning lady on Sex and the City, did you enjoy all the sex talk? “They said words I’d never heard of...words of freedom.” —Lynn Cohen

Jeremy Irons

Ellen Burstyn

Since you work on a hospital set for House, do you understand medical jargon? “You learn on a show how little they actually know about what’s going on.” —Lisa Edelstein

Christian Siriano

Mamie Gummer

Do you ever catch people sleeping at Sleep With Me, your show about sleep disorders? “There was a narcoleptic at the show, and he fell asleep. I couldn’t blame him.” —Mike Birbiglia

party lines image