PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Time’ Magazine's 100 Most Influential People 2009 Gala

Jazz at Lincoln Center. May 5, 2009. By Jada Yuan

What will say to Michelle Obama if you meet her? “I think I’ll touch her arms. I’ll grab one and go, ‘Do you work out to my music?’” —M.I.A.

Michelle Obama

How did you wrangle Michelle Obama to come to this party? “I would have walked across hot coals to get her, but it turned out to be something that she wanted to do.” —Richard Stengel, 'Time' Managing Editor

Claire Danes

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is here tonight. Are you a fan of her show? “I love Oprah. Every episode, she makes me cry.” —J.J. Abrams

Kate Hudson

Barbara Walters

Diddy wrote on Twitter that he had dinner with you. How did that go? “There’s chemistry, but we don’t know what to do with it yet.” —Judd Apatow

Stella McCartney

Jimmy Fallon

What advice do you have for saving the newspaper business? “Just make bingo legal on our websites.” —Mort Zuckerman

Liv Tyler

Diane Sawyer

Since you're in the energy business, is windmill power feasible on top of the Empire State Building? “No. You need a lot of windmills, and you just couldn’t get enough of them to fit up there.” —T. Boone Pickens

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Whoopi Goldberg

You taught Barbara Walters how to use Twitter. Does she understand it? “She runs around with her BlackBerry and she's like, ‘Hey, somebody just followed me.’ So we have to fix her phone so it’s not buzzing every 30 seconds.” —Sherri Shepherd

Lauren Bush

Suze Orman

Who are you looking forward to meeting tonight? “Mrs. Obama. She’s a great-looking woman, obviously. But I think people talk about her arms too much.” —John Legend

Paul Krugman

Carine Roitfeld

You went to the Met gala for Models As Muse this week. Was it fun? “I stayed in the corner and looked at all the models. They’re so tall. Like beautiful aliens.” —Leslie Mann

Jack Dorsey

Biz Stone

Have you been working out in anticipation of meeting the First Lady and her toned arms? “No. It took a lot for me to get here and that was on an escalator, so I’m not very into working out.” —Glenn Beck

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