PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Book Launch Party for ‘The Hunger,’ by Waverly Inn Chef John DeLucie

Waverly Inn. May 11, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

As the chef at the Waverly Inn, what kinds of crazy things do people do to get a reservation? “I’ve had some people offering to trade for various things, let’s just say.” You mean sexual favors? “Yes. It’s great.” —John DeLucie

Katie Lee Joel

What was your favorite celebrity sighting at the Waverly Inn? “Goldie Hawn was one, with her daughter, who is like a godchild to me whose name I just forgot.” —Marty Richards

Tom Colicchio

Do you like to come here for the celebrity sightings? “You show up here and there are not twenty photographers anymore like there used to be. I don’t know what they did with them.” —Nicole Miller

Jill Hennessy

Do guys hit on you a lot at the Waverly Inn? “I play it cool. I don’t pay attention to guys hitting on me.” —Hana Soukupova

David Zinczenko

When the Waverly Inn first opened, it was impossible to get in. Did you have a hard time? “Not for me. I’m a pretty girl. This is New York.” —Veronica Webb

Brande Roderick

Have you ever sent something back to the kitchen at the Waverly Inn? “One time they didn’t let me know that there was meat in the dish, and I’m a vegetarian. John [DeLucie] came out very apologetically.” —Dan Abrams

Claudia Jordan

How do you respond to speculation that the Celebrity Apprentice show you were on was fixed? “I think my throwing up before going on proves that we really didn’t know what was going on.” —Melissa Rivers

party lines image