PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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American Ballet Theatre's 69th Annual Spring Gala

Metropolitan Opera House. May 18, 2009. By Bennett Marcus and Christianna Ablahad

Michelle Obama is here tonight. Will you try to convince her to wear your designs? “Yes, of course I will. Why do you think I’m here? I bought a tuxedo for her.” —Francisco Costa

Michelle Obama (getty Images)

Since you regularly appear on Oprah, have you become obsessed with what Michelle Obama wears? “No. I tune out a little bit when they talk about fashion. I’m thinking about SportsCenter.” —Mark Consuelos

Caroline Kennedy

Renée Zellweger

Roberto Cavalli opened a nightclub in Dubai. What would your fantasy nightclub look like? “I would open a club the old-fashioned way, like the El Morocco used to look here in New York, with beautiful people and fantastic food and music.” —Carolina Herrera

Claire Danes

Matt Lauer

Would you ever go on Dancing With the Stars? “No. It would be more like Dancing With the Scars.” —Al Roker


Kelly Ripa

Between you and your husband, Al Roker, who is the better dancer? “Oh, of course me. But according to our daughter, neither one of us should ever dance in public.” —Deborah Roberts

Senator Charles E. Schumer

Ivanka Trump

Do you Twitter? “No. Some people are going to do that and a lot of us are not. So for the people who are into it, they can go crazy.” —Sigourney Weaver

Isabel and Ruben Toledo

Calvin Klein

Are you obsessed with what the First Lady wears? “I’m not obsessed with what she wears. I’m obsessed with Michelle Obama. She’s perfect.” —Mariska Hargitay

Anna Wintour

Desirée Rogers

As a longtime supporter of this gala, what is your favorite memory from past years? “When Jackie Onassis was alive and she sat in our box. It was thrilling.” —Lynda Carter

Tory Burch

Kim Raver

What is the least graceful thing you've done recently? “The other night at a friend's party, I tripped and fell down some stairs, so that was ridiculously close.” —Eva La Rue

Herbie Hancock

Coco Rocha

Are you a good dancer? “I’m from the age of Danceteria and Soul Kitchen and Mudd Club. I’m a great dancer.” —Veronica Webb

party lines image