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The 68th Annual Peabody Awards

Waldorf-Astoria. May 18, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Which Peabody Award winner stands out the most to you today? “The staff of The Onion. I vicariously get all [my news] through them, because they do everything anyone in a newsroom has ever wished they could do to the news.” —Brian Williams

Amy Poehler

What's your favorite TV show? Entourage. I was thrilled at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner to see Ari Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel’s brother, who supposedly is the inspiration for Ari Gold.” —Wolf Blitzer

Laura Linney

Matt Lauer

President Obama claims to watch your show Entourage. Are you trying to get him to cameo? “We’re trying to get into the White House to do a screening. I don’t know if that’ll happen, but a cameo is probably impossible.” —Doug Ellin

Aaron Paul

RJ Mitte

Queen Latifah played you on Saturday Night Live. Did you like her portrayal of you? “Absolutely. She did it before four years ago, after the last debate. She nailed me.” —Gwen Ifill

Lorne Michaels

How come the SNL cast never attends events unless Lorne Michaels is being honored? “He keeps us tied up in a basement.” —Fred Armisen

Earl Monroe

Since you play Joe Biden on SNL, can you still watch him without laughing? “I can. I get more teary.” —Jason Sudeikis

Horace Newcomb

How many hours a week do you work on SNL? “If it’s a show week, I can get up to 80, 100 hours. It gets hard to go out.” —Seth Meyers

Albert Maysles

As the producer of Lost, what is one thing you would bring on a desert island? “A very long book, like The Brothers Karamazov. I can’t hunt, I can’t fish, I can’t find fresh water, so I might as well have one last good read before I croak.” —Damon Lindelof

Christo & Jeanne-Claude

What's the best part about working with artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude for The Gates? “It was like being on the wings of eagles.” —Antonio Ferrera, 'The Gates' filmmaker

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