PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Kitchen Spring Gala Benefit

Capitale. May 20, 2009. By Jada Yuan

Tonight's gala is in a bank. Do art and banking have anything in common? “Artists are taking over banks. Art is winning the game. Art, in a way, was never about an ambition for its revenue.” —Thurston Moore

Kirsten Dunst

In these hard times, what are you doing to promote your next record with Sonic Youth? “June 9 is also Thurston’s and my anniversary. So maybe we’ll have to pimp out our relationship for it.” —Kim Gordon

Shalom Harlow

Sonic Youth is here tonight. Have you met the band? “I'm too starstruck. I had a picture of Kim Gordon pregnant, in leather pants, on my wall when I was a kid. I don't need to know who she really is.” —Nate Lowman

Charlotte Ronson

Do you think it's ironic that a gala for artists is being held at a bank? “This is what New York is about. It's about recycling things and transforming them from one thing into another. ” —Lee Ranaldo

Richard Chai

Will you move back to Soho if rents go down? “No, I want to get out of New York. Like birds, out and up! I'm gravitating toward solitude.” —Dustin Yellin

Lou Reed

When you became involved with Kitchen, what job did you have? “I was teaching Egyptological history. I made most of it up.” —Laurie Anderson

Cindy Sherman

Should artists move back to Soho now that rents are going down? “I think rents will go way down in those Trump buildings and [they’ll be] filled with artists. Other than the fact that the construction is kind of shoddy, the views are great.” —David Byrne

Robert Longo

What's the weirdest experimental art you've seen in the city? “At the New Museum I saw this lady just sleeping there, and everyone was just walking by her, looking at her nap time.” —Phillip Lim

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