PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Fragrance Foundation's 37th Annual FiFi Awards

Downtown Armory. May 27, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Are there any scents that evoke childhood memories for you? “Just the smell of a garage reminds me of when I was a kid, having to clean the garage.” —Sean Combs

Mary J. Blige

What smell brings you good memories? “Her [Lisa's] grandmother’s recipe for macaroni and cheese got me. This is a bit of—close to incest. Her mother, her grandmother, we were all from literally the same apartment building.” —Dustin Hoffman

Queen Latifah

Is there a fashion item you still want to put your name on that you haven't yet? “I don’t even know what else I could do at this point. Probably doing real estate and having my own hotels, and doing buildings and things like that.” —Paris Hilton

Kate Walsh

Do you like to switch fragrances according to your mood? “The joy of fragrance is that people can sort of be six people in a day or they can be one person all week.” —Marc Jacobs

Doug Reinhardt

As a perfumer, what is your favorite smell? “Dustin [Hoffman]’s smell. I love his smell, I really do. That’s my favorite.” —Lisa Hoffman

Hilary Rhoda

Are you attracted to a woman by her perfume? “I just like a nice fragrance on a woman. You know, there are some of them you’ve got to leave the theater when they go there because it smells so bad.” —Ernest Borgnine

Aerin Lauder

Prince Harry is coming to New York this weekend. Where would you take him? “I would take him to La Escuelita and he could meet all those Puerto Rican drag queens. That would give him something to think about.” —Simon Doonan

Daniel Sunjata

You're supposed to play polo with Prince Harry when he comes to New York this weekend. How do you prepare? “I’ve been here for four or five days already getting the horses ready. I’m going to try and beat him, for sure.” —Ignacio "Nacho" Figuera

Tracy Reese

What is the most surprising scent you like? “Well, actually, Simon [Doonan] likes the vulgar scents on earth. He gets into the back of a taxi and he inhales the scent like it’s ambrosia.” —Jonathan Adler

Kathy & Rick Hilton

What is the scent you remember most from your childhood? “God, it’s embarrassing, but Drakkar Noir is the men’s fragrance that all the boys in junior high wore, and that usually got me in trouble because it meant that I liked a new boy if he was wearing it.” —Samantha Harris

party lines image