PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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American Theatre Wing Annual Spring Gala

Cipriani. June 1, 2009. By Tali Yahalom

Do you have any advice for Neil Patrick Harris as he prepares to host the Tony awards? “He'll do better than me. He shouldn’t listen to anything I say.” —Hugh Jackman

Karen Olivo

Will you be inspired by the musical Hair and strip onstage when you host the Tony awards? “No, I leave that for the hippies.” —Neil Patrick Harris

Angela Lansbury

How did you react when the Obamas showed up to your play Joe Turner's Come and Gone last weekend? “It was pandemonium! They had to hold people back who were in danger of falling down into the audience.” —Roger Robinson (getty images)

Morley Safer

Are there any challenges when you perform Shakespeare in the Park? “You sweat. Everybody calls it Bikram in the Park. So I’m going to lose some weight, which is good.” —Audra McDonald

Constantine Maroulis

Are you excited for Neil Patrick Harris to host the Tony awards? “I saw him at a luncheon and was like, ‘Are you gonna dance?’ and he goes, ‘Nobody’s there to see me dance,’ and I’m like, ‘I am. You dance for me, Neil Patrick Harris.’” —Gavin Creel

Martha Plimpton

How did you celebrate your Best Actor Tony-award nomination for Billy Elliot? “I finished my meal without throwing up, which I think is quite an accomplishment.” —Gregory Jbara

Kate Jennings Grant

Since you're British, is there a difference between British awards shows and American ones? “We probably do care about it just as much, but we pretend we don’t.” —Haydn Gwynne

Joel Grey

Your character in 9 to 5 is an asshole. Do you draw on personal experience? “I bet you the girls would have a lot to say about that.” —Marc Kudisch

Tovah Feldshuh

Since your new book is about aging, did anything surprise you about this topic? “I didn’t know that once it all started to fall, it would fall so fast.” —Kathie Lee Gifford

J. Robert Spencer

How does your cast compare to the original cast of Hair? “The original cast told us crazy stories of dropping acid during the show. We’re backstage drinking tea and warming up quietly. We’re the polar opposite in demeanor.” —Will Swenson

party lines image