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Showtime Presents Premiere of 'Nurse Jackie'

DGA Theater and Le Parker Meridien. June 2, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Now that you play Nurse Jackie, would you make a good nurse in reality? “I actually would be, yes. I have no difficulty with that stuff. I’m fascinated by it. I can’t tell you why I’m sure it says all kinds of neurotic things.” —Edie Falco

Julianna Margulies

Have you ever gone to work high, like Nurse Jackie? “Of course not. I can barely work sober.” —Steve Buscemi

LL Cool J

Caroline Rhea

Have you ever had sex at work, like Nurse Jackie? “There’s nobody sleeping with anybody at The Daily Show. There’s no sex.” What about other places? “Oh yes. When I work in the theater, I never stop fucking.” —Aasif Mandvi

Donna Karan

Merritt Wever

You play a doctor who wears Manolo Blahnik heels to work in the show. Do you have a shoe fetish? “They’re good for your legs when you’re having a fat day.” —Eve Best

Dominic Fumusa

Eli Wallach

Nurse Jackie has an affair with someone at work in the show. Did you ever have a work romance? “Of course I did! I worked at the Metropolitan Opera hanging coats. Who didn’t have sex there?” —Harvey Fierstein

B.D. Wong

Stephanie March

Since you play a vampire in Twilight, do fans ever ask you to bite their necks? “They do. But that’s just silliness and I think it’s offensive to my wife.” —Peter Facinelli

Debra Winger

Haaz Sleiman

Nurse Jackie is addicted to painkillers. Have you regretted anything you've done while on medication? “I probably didn’t remember it. And if I did, I’m not going to tell you.” —Stockard Channing

Richard Kind

Liz Brixius

Your character in the show gets stoned by accident. How did you prepare for that scene? “You won’t believe me, but I did, you know, Wikipedia the drug, and I talked to people who took it. And then there we were.” —Anna Deavere Smith

Linda Wallem

How do you define a Showtime character? “We love these characters that kind of live right on the edge of respectability or right over the edge of respectability, but have the ability to have the viewer not punish them for it.” —Matt Blank, CEO of Showtime

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