PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

'Away We Go' Premiere

Landmark Sunshine Cinema. June 1, 2009. By Diana Scholl

Do you ever give advice to your pregnant friends, like you do in the movie? “No, everybody knows I don’t have the answers.” —Allison Janney

Kate Winslet

You used to work for Conan O'Brien. Are you excited his show is on earlier now? “When he left the 12:30 spot it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever dealt with on television, so it’s great to have him back in any form.” —John Krasinski

Patrick Wilson

David Schwimmer

Will you ever go back to Saturday Night Live to play Michelle Obama again? “Oh God no, I did a terrible job. She's cool and effortless, and I just didn’t have that much time to work on it and I think I lost my voice.” —Maya Rudolph

Sam Mendes

Chris Messina

Did you relate to this movie about family at all? “Some things I related to, like that first scene.” The scene when John Krasinski is giving oral sex to Maya Rudolph? “‘Don’t blow!’ I love that.” —Judy Blume

Josh Charles

Melanie Lynskey

We heard you like motor homes. Is that true? “They’re not just for senior citizens. I’m a big fan of RVs and buses and sleeping in truck stops. Whatever you’ve heard about truck stops is true.” —Jeff Daniels

Carmen Ejogo

Joseph Cross

You just had a baby with your wife. What did you say when your newborn was being delivered? “'Genius! Good-looking! You don’t need to work out!' Stuff like that.” —Jim Gaffigan

Jeffrey Wright

Victor Garber

Would you vote for Rudy Giuliani if he ran for governor? “If he would do something different and not close off those five blocks on Times Square, I’d vote for him.” —Stephanie J. Block

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