PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The 75th Anniversary of the
Apollo Theater

Apollo Theater. June 8, 2009. By Ericka Goodman and Jada Yuan

Do you wish you experienced the heyday of the Apollo? “Yes, entertainment is so micromanaged now.” —Jamie Foxx

Mariah Carey

What was an after-party for the Apollo like in its heyday? “I used to walk across the street post-show and drink white lightning for 17 cents. And we’d drink up to $17. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” —Quincy Jones


Patti LaBelle

What does the Apollo mean to you? “I played every white venue in America, and I only started crying when I got on the stage here at the Apollo. I finally felt like I was home.” —Paul Mooney

Bill Cosby

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Writers noted similarities between the Cosbys and the Obamas. Do you agree with that comparison? “It’s interesting how we say things. Those comparisons I don’t understand, but it’s interesting.” —Phylicia Rashad

Reverend Al Sharpton

Fantasia Barrino

What’s your hidden talent? “My talent is that I am a voracious eater. I have very specific tastes, but I love a good dinner. And it’s always good to have a good cupcake.” —Gayle King

Bryant Gumbel

Roberto Cavalli

Why do people say they are going home when they go to the Apollo? “If you love black culture and black music, then you love the Apollo. And you love home.” —Kevin Liles, Warner Music Group Vice-President

Victoria Rowell (getty images)

Diana Taylor

What does the Apollo mean to you? “It means bringing it with this rocking-ass outfit and not giving a damn and just having fun. And it’s the only place I could wear these earrings.” —Bethenny Frankel

party lines image