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Quintessentially Hosts a Screening of Magnolia Pictures’ 'Food, Inc.'

Angelika Film Center and L’Ecole. June 9. By Jada Yuan and Vanessa Juarez

Can you cook? “My specialty is peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches on white bread. They’re actually really good.” —Kirsten Dunst

Rocco DiSpirito

What would you suggest for the Obamas' vegetable garden? “They do have arugula. I thought that was a bold decision, considering Obama mentioned arugula in Iowa and he got a lot of shit from the media, who seem to consider arugula elitist, despite the fact that you can get it in any Olive Garden.” —Michael Pollan

Lauren Bush

Dorothy Hamilton

Has your life changed since the Obamas ate at your Blue Hill restaurant? “Well, my father takes my calls now. My girlfriend seems a tiny bit more psyched about me.” —Dan Barber

Daisy Lowe

Nikki Blonsky

Do you eat your vegetables? “I’ll eat broccoli, unlike our recent president. Not liking broccoli is a Republican disorder.” —Kenneth Cole

Bethenny Frankel

Karen Duffy

What won’t you eat? “For some reason, beets are something I can never endure. I just look at them and there’s something that just grosses me out. It’s completely immature.” —Eamonn Bowles of Magnolia Pictures

Drew Nieporent

Jacob Soboroff

Did the movie make you lose your appetite? “I thought it was one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen in my life, absolutely. Like a horror movie. I watched thinking it had been written by John Grisham.” —Christine Baranski

Jennifer Missoni

Eric Schlosser

Is there anything you'll stop eating after watching this movie, which shows the downside to the food industry? “After watching what goes into the meat in a hamburger, I don’t know if I can do it again. And if I can’t eat hamburgers, it’s going to be the great tragedy of my life.” —Regis Philbin

Greg Grossman

Robert Kenner

What's the most disgusting thing you've ever cooked? “Bologna sombreros—fried bologna turns into a little hat when you cook it. The sad part is, you make all of this stuff and then you realize there's nothing to eat.” —Ted Allen

Nora Ephron

Nick Pileggi

What should the Obamas grow in their vegetable garden? “Basil. It’s the greatest.” —Gary Hirschbergn of Stonyfield Yogurt

Robin Quivers

Ken Auletta and Binky Urban

What won’t you eat after watching this movie? “Agent Orange! The film talks about the company that sort of brought Agent Orange into the supermarket, on your vegetables. I’m gonna avoid that.” —Jeffrey Wright

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