PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Cinema Society & 'The New Yorker' Host 'Whatever Works' Screening

Regal Cinemas Battery Park and River Café. June 10, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

After taking a vacation, what’s the first thing you do when you return to New York? “Take a walk. I go home, dump my bags, and walk around and suck in all the carbon monoxide. I like everything about the city that people complain about.” —Woody Allen

Julianna Margulies

How did you memorize your lines for this movie? “I put in a lot of time. It was like doing the Gettysburg Address every day.” —Larry David

Ana Ortiz

Lauren Bush

After working with Woody Allen, did he turn out like you expected? “Everybody’s like, was he a neurotic crazy Jew? And I was like, well, he’s a Jew, but he’s not crazy or neurotic.” —Evan Rachel Wood

Jay McInerney

Barbara Walters

You've done two movies with Woody Allen. How do they compare? “When we were shooting in Spain, it was like shooting with Mick Jagger. There were legions of people. But here, people were like, 'oh my God, we love Woody, but we’re going to be very cool about it.'” —Patricia Clarkson

Amy Ryan

Patrick Wilson

Have you visited the new High Line Park yet? “I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Where is it? I’m on the Upper West Side. I stay there. I might as well live in Kansas.” —Joy Behar

Rocco DiSpirito

Lindsay Price

What's your biggest complaint about New York? “I always see these packs of Midwestern women smiling on the subway, and I hate that. Nothing about the subway should ever make you smile.” —Lonny Ross

James Lipton

Arianna Huffington

What’s your biggest complaint about New York? “The traffic. And the fact that it’s an island and we don’t really make use of the waterways to transport us. Let’s start with that.” —Stanley Tucci

Dick Cavett

Dana Delaney

When was the last time you were in Brooklyn? “I broke up with someone here once, in this restaurant, the River Café. And he handed me a Bible. It was handy when I broke up with him. I could chuck it at him.” —Amy Sacco

Ally Hilfiger

Dan Abrams

What’s your biggest complaint about NYC? “That you have to get a reservation for any restaurant. You can’t just stroll down the street and go.” —Helena Christensen

Bob Balaban

Agyness Deyn

Do you visit Brooklyn often? Lipstick Jungle used to shoot in Brooklyn. Every now and then I just do a drive-by: turn everything off, and I just drive by the stages, and keep going.” —Brooke Shields

David Zinczenko

Caroline Rhea

Now that Saturday Night Live's season is over, is there anything in the news you wish you could parody? “When you think of the failing of the American auto industry, you’re not dying to do sketches about that. So right now, I feel like we’re okay.” —Seth Meyers

party lines image