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The Cinema Society & Noilly Prat Host a Screening of ‘Cheri’

DGA Theater and Hudson Hotel. June 16, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Since this movie is about love, who taught you about the romance and sex? “My parents' generation wasn't so good at that. Now, I try to talk to my kids—they don’t want to hear it from me. They know.” —Michelle Pfeiffer

Donald & Melania Trump

Your character sends her son to learn about love and sex. Who taught you about that? “It was not talked about. I grew up in the sixties. That gives you an idea of the confrontation and the conflict.” —Kathy Bates

Christopher Hampton, Screenwriter

Michael Imperioli

How did you prepare for your role in this film? “It really involved trying to get to the bottom of a guy who on the surface seemed to have no character at all. Which is, obviously, a tricky starting place for an actor.” —Rupert Friend

James Lipton

Your characters in the film are people who are anxious and nervous. Do you find people are like that in New York? “New York is full of people like that. I’m English, we don’t live like that. We’re very sober.” —Stephen Frears, director

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Dree Hemingway

Do people confuse you with your character on Desperate Housewives? “People always say, ‘You’re so much prettier in person, and you’re so much nicer in person.’ So that must mean that I’m just an ugly bitch on television.” —Dana Delaney

Nick Hornby

Tallulah Willis

Do you dine at outdoor cafés? “The last time was in Canada with Zac Efron. It was a mistake. How could we think that 3,000 kids riding their scooters wouldn’t recognize him? Then I realized, oh, I’m with the hottest teen star since the Beatles.” —Nikki Blonsky

André Leon Talley

Mick Rock

What is your best advice for young models? “Don't spend money you don't have. I feel like Suze Orman’s grandmother. I didn’t have a rich daddy.” —Carmen Dell'Orefice

Richard Meier

Do you like summer in New York City? “In August you can always get into restaurants, and you can get tickets for even the most impossible play. You can worm your way in. That’s the good part.” —Bob Balaban

Jean Reno

Daniel Battsek, President of Miramax

What’s the worst thing about summer in the city? “The scent from the gutter and trash. There’s this mélange of odor that rises up from the gutter in a steamy kind of fog that you can’t escape.” —Sherri Saum

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