PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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'Incognito' by Persol Exhibition Preview

Whitney Museum of American Art. June 23, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Is it ever okay to wear sunglasses at night? “I have trouble with people thinking I look like the white devil to begin with, so wearing sunglasses as well will not work for me. But I think if you’re Lou Reed, absolutely.” —Josh Lucas

Lou Reed

This exhibition is called "Incognito." Have you ever tried to hide in public? “I was in Rome and we ducked into the Vatican. The paparazzi photographed me next to the police. I had a leather jacket on and sunglasses, so they were like, 'Oh, Matt Dillon is suspected as a terrorist.'” —Matt Dillon

Marky Ramone

Are you chased by paparazzi often? “I am convinced that the source of all my paparazzi angst is my son, Sasha. Somehow, against my will, he has become this kind of super pseudo-celebrity. If I go out with him, I’m screwed.” —Liev Schreiber

Lola Schnabel

Who wears sunglasses at night? “Junkies. And blind people.” —Emma Snowdon-Jones

Hunt Slonem

Is there ever a bad time to wear sunglasses? “No. It’s always good. At night, how could you go to a nightclub without sunglasses?” —Pierre Fay, Executive Vice-President of Luxottica Group, North America

Timothy Greenfield Sanders

Is it ever okay to wear sunglasses at night? “Never. Ever. Unless you’re in a gross club tripping on some nasty drugs.” —Erin Lucas

Ann Dexter-Jones

How do you hide from paparazzi? “Sunglasses, that’s all you can do.” —Lucy Liu

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss

Do you wear sunglasses at night? “I always feel silly, to be honest. But to each his own.” —Charlotte Ronson

party lines image