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'My Sister's Keeper' Premiere Presented by Warner Bros. Pictures

AMC Lincoln Square. June 25, 2009. By Tali Yahalom

How did you like working with this cast? “We all just had a very natural synergy. We didn’t play house. It was very organic, and I don’t need to be these girls’ mother. They have a mother.” —Cameron Diaz

David Thornton (Getty Images)

What was your favorite part about filming? “The scene when we’re jumping on the trampoline. It took longer than it is in the movie to shoot. We spent an hour just jumping on the trampoline.” —Abigail Breslin

Evan Ellinson (Getty Images)

Rachel Zoe

A novel you wrote inspired this movie. How much involvement did you have during the production of this film? “Authors have nothing to do with it. It’s like giving a baby up for adoption.” —Jodi Picoult

Gena Rowlands

You worked with a lot of teenagers on set. Did any of their habits rub off on you? “No, I think maybe some of my habits and behavior maybe rubbed off on them. You know, my immaturity, perhaps.” —Jason Patric

Ramona Singer

Rachel Roy

You had to shave your head for the film. How did you prepare? “My dad brought me these crazy wigs, like one made out of pink feathers, and so when we were actually shaving it, we chanted ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear.’ It was a strange, delusional point, but I knew it had to be done.” —Sofia Vassilieva

Jeremy Leven

As the director, what kind of things did you do to motivate your actors? “I’d just punch ‘em out. Basically just threaten them and intimidate them as much I can.” —Nick Cassavetes (Getty Images)

Carol Kane

Alan Horn

With all the teenagers on set, did you pick up any of their habits? “I cuss less now, I think. Abby had a jar that you had to put a dollar or something in every time you said something. It was filling up really fast.” —Heather Wahlquist

Aaron Zigman

Peter Max

Do you have any embarrassing family traditions? “My dad will just start singing opera at any time. After 21 years of it, I love him singing opera, but I don’t chime in. I want him to be quiet, too.” —Thomas Dekker

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