PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Opening Night of ‘Twelfth Night’ for Shakespeare in the Park

Delacorte Theater. June 25, 2009. By Jada Yuan

Have you ever encountered wildlife while on set? “I think my dressing room has a ghost. I said a really nasty word several times and the lid of a box popped off while I was saying it, and there's no reason why it would.” What word? “Cunt.” —Anne Hathaway

Steve Martin

Why are you on crutches? “Two nights ago I was running offstage and I ruptured my plantaris tendon after kissing Annie. It just popped. You know, to kiss Annie is something else. One gets excited and tendons rupture.” —Audra McDonald

Chelsea Clinton

Rashida Jones

You have mutton chops for the play. Do you like them? “I just can’t wait to shave them. At first they seemed very seventies and cool, but now people think I’m some sort of downtown hipster, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am so Upper West Side it’s not even funny.” —Raúl Esparza

Martin Short

When was the last time you cross-dressed? “In college I did a production of 'Cloud 9' and there’s a character who plays a Victorian woman, and I played her. And I was so ugly, I put my wig on backwards one day and nobody noticed. That’s how ugly I was.” —Michael Cumpsty

Patricia Clarkson

You play Toby Belch in the play. Do you hide snacks in your fat suit? “No, but I do have ice packs in the back to counteract some of the heat that comes from wearing a fat suit in summer and doing sword fights. I radiate heat. Sometimes people look across me onstage and I’m actually steaming.” —Jay O. Sanders

Rosie Perez

You're in Transformers. Has it changed your life? “Shockingly not. Everyone seems to have glommed on to Megan Fox as the sex symbol of the movie. I can’t imagine why. Maybe I should get a tattoo.” —Julie White

Amy Ryan

Daniel Sullivan, director

Is it dangerous to act in the rain? “I have an entrance at the end where I slide down a hill, and when it's raining, I just treat it like a slip-and-slide and see how far I go. I haven't slid off the stage, but someday that's my plan.” —Stark Sands

Candice Bergen

Have you ever been upstaged by an animal? “I can’t remember, but I’m sure I’ve done a movie with children and dogs, which is always a mistake.” —Judith Light (Getty Images)

Jane Krakowski

Which woman would you want to trade places with? “Oh, I’d want to be Anne Hathaway right now. I love opening night, and I also want to cross-dress. I’d get to dress as a man, but be a woman dressing as a man. I like double-cross-dressing, the ultimate kink.” —Liev Schreiber

Sam Waterston

Peter Som

Have you ever been upstaged by an animal? “Those are actors. I cannot name names.” —Sarah Paulson

Daniel Sunjata

Did Chelsea Clinton come up to you in the audience tonight? “Can you believe that? Chelsea was sitting in my aisle tonight and she came over and she was like, ‘Hi, I’m Chelsea,’ and I was kind of speechless. And she goes, ‘Clinton.’” —Will Swenson

Sandra Bernhard and Cicely Bernhard

Does President Obama remind you of a Shakespeare character? “Obama is Prospero.” —Suzan Lori-Parks “That’s good! Because he’s magical and he makes things happen.” —Tony Kushner

Nick Pileggi and Nora Ephron

When was the last time you cross-dressed? “I was Charlie Chaplin for Halloween. My mustache kept falling off when I smiled. And my shoes were way too big.” —Amanda Peet (Getty Images)

Mimi Leiber, Choreographer

What's the worst part about directing an outdoor play? “Cell phones. For The Seagull, I recorded an announcement saying, ‘Because of our outdoor sound system, if your cell phones are on and you use it, there is a danger of electrocution.’ Then one night a cell phone went off, and it was mine.” —Mike Nichols

David Pittu

Andrew Hamingston

Do you think men like to cross-dress? “I definitely caught my little brother in heels and dresses more than once from a very early age, and he’s quite masculine. He’s going to kill me for saying that.” —Lily Rabe

Hamish Linklater

Have you ever dressed in women's clothes? “You know, women’s clothes aren’t as comfortable. The only thing I could get into was the idea of a lunghi. I’ve got a buddy who says it’s great because there’s nothing in between.’” —Bobby Cannavale

Susan Lyne

Who do you get mistaken for? “Andrew McCarthy. They say I’m a young Andrew McCarthy.” —Jon Patrick Walker “People think I look a lot like Hope Davis.” —Hope Davis

Oskar Eustis

What do you remember about your husband, Mike Nichols, directing ‘The Seagull’ here? “His announcement about the cell phones. He said to turn them off because we were going back to the eighteenth century and they had no place.” —Diane Sawyer

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