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Cinema Society Presents Screening of ‘500 Days of Summer’

Tribeca Grand Hotel and Soho Grand Hotel. July 9, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

Did you learn anything about women from working on this movie? “I think I sort of revisited the pain of my past working on this movie. In the moment, you’re just listening to David Bowie, going, ‘I want to die.’” —Geoffrey Arend

Leighton Meester

You co-wrote this love story. Is there any scene that’s painful for you when you watch it? “Yes, definitely. There’s one that, when an ex sees it, will probably lead to an interesting phone call. Clearly I haven’t learned anything about women from this experience.” —Michael Weber

Anna Wintour

Tom Cavanagh

Do you believe in "manscaping," or men shaving their body hair? “I trim, but I don’t shave. I think it could get pretty gruesome after a while—I mean, my beard is pretty nasty. I happen to be one of those men—uh, I like to bring it in a little closer to the body.” —Kelsey Grammer

Bee Shaffer

Do you believe in predestined love? “I believe in all kinds of love. I’m a sucker, though.” —Kate Mara

Leigh Lezark

Lorenzo Martone

The man in this movie pursues a woman for a very long time. Did you have to go on the prowl for your fiancé, Geoffrey Arend? “I pursued Geoffrey for a little bit, but, you know, he only made me do it for a couple weeks before he would go on a date with me.” —Christina Hendricks

Jake Hoffman

You recently got married. Did you have any wedding snafus? “The woman who works as the event manager for the catering company actually wore white, which is about the biggest faux pas you can make. And they forgot to take a portrait of the groom.” —Bebe Neuwirth

Amy Sacco (Getty Images)

Ben Hollingsworth

In this movie, the hero pursues a woman for a long time. Have you ever been pursued? “I haven’t been that lucky.” —Jason Wu

Rachel Roy

Recently the New York Times featured an article about men shaving their body hair, like women do. Are you in favor of that? “I guess if you’re really hairy.” —Hilary Rhoda

Nico Tortorella

Sara Paxton

Do you believe in predestined love? “I met my wife when I was 15 years old, and I’ve been married 22 years with two kids, so I guess I fall in the category of yes.” —Ralph Macchio

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