PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘The Cove’ Screening and Dinner Party

Cinema 2 and Rouge Tomate Restaurant. July 15, 2009. By Jada Yuan and Mike Vilensky

After seeing this movie, will you ever visit Sea World again? “No. Would you go to see a brilliant actor who’s been framed for something that he didn’t do, and put him on a stage and say he’s going to do Hamlet for you, and why don’t you enjoy it? That’s a hell of an analogy, but it’s about the same thing.” —Jerry Stiller

Pierce Brosnan (Getty Images)

Did this movie turn you off to sushi? “It did! I have to admit, I mean, this movie was life-changing for us when we saw it. I think twice about it with the kids even with tuna-fish sandwiches.” —Christine Taylor

Selita Ebanks

Have you ever swum with dolphins? “I’ve done it in the parks where you pay, and I’ll never do it again after seeing that movie.” —Ben Stiller

Isabel Lucas

As a former dolphin trainer, you’re a main star in this movie. If you were any animal, would you be a dolphin? “Yes. They have a larger brain than we do and they spend most of their time having fun. They have sex for fun, all the time. They’re kind of like hippies.” —Richard O'Barry

Calvin Klein

Since you’re in the movie, will you ever be able to watch Flipper the same way again? “Yeah, I can watch it again. It’s not really ruined for me at all. It has its place in history. It says more about humanity than it does about cetaceans.” —Charles Hambleton

Famke Janssen

Have you had past interactions with dolphins? “I studied oceanography in college in 1979 or 1980. My teacher said ‘At any moment, the world’s oceans are going to die. If the sea dies, everything dies.’ So I dropped out of college because it was so depressing.” —Matthew Modine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Have you ever heard that cats have two kinds of purrs—one is needy and the other is manipulative? “Like keep rubbing me, even though I don’t like you? It’s like a woman who sleeps with someone she hates to get a nice dinner.” —Boykin Curry

Fisher Stevens

Do you think dolphins are good with the ladies? “I think if I were a dolphin, I wouldn’t care about human ladies.” —Josh Bernstein

Marjorie Gubelmann

Cats are said to be manipulative. Have you ever fallen under a cat’s spell? “That’s why I don’t like cats. I don’t like how when you have no interest in a cat, then they like you. I got out of high school for that reason. I’m not going to play games with a cat, whose urine smells that terrible.” —Griffin Dunne

Jim Clark

Are there enough young activists in this generation? “Things happen in waves and cycles. I think we’re coming into a new awakening, so I’m an optimist. Maybe I’m just one by default, or maybe I really sense that something positive is going to come about.” —Adrian Grenier

Lee Daniels

Have you ever felt manipulated by a cat? “We did have an electric litter scooper in our living room for three years. That was one of her many pooping options. I can’t imagine how you could cede power to an animal more.” —Celerie Kemble Curry

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