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‘The Answer Man’ Premiere and Dinner Party

Core Club. July 16, 2009. By Mike Vilensky

You play a self-help guru in the film. What’s the best advice you’ve received? “Invest in yourself. My dad told me that.” —Jeff Daniels

Kate Jennings Grant

Have you ever hacked into a lover’s voice mail or e-mail? “I don’t even Google things. I’m afraid of technology. I’m afraid of texting. It’s all too upsetting. You could give me your password right now and I would not even look up anything that you’re going to write about me.” —Lauren Graham

Ben Shenkman

Zach Grenier

Was there a self-help book that inspired the movie? “‘A Course in Miracles’ by Helen Schucman. She’s an atheist and it’s all about God. The book that she wrote is amazing. How can those things co-exist? Like what if Ghandi was an asshole? Does that mean his teachings are bullshit?” —John Hindman

Michael Musto

Did you bond with Jeff Daniels on set? “He’s an older guy, he’s kind of set in his ways, and he’s one of those people that doesn’t like bullshit. He doesn’t like to mingle. He’s worked through that shit, so he doesn’t even have to anymore. All he would do is crossword puzzles everyday, and Sudoku, I swear.” —Lou Taylor Pucci

Rosanna Scotto

Jonathan Demme

Do you watch Gossip Girl? It shares a writer with your former show Gilmore Girls. “No, I don’t have cable, I don’t watch TV.” Even though you’re a TV star? “Maybe that’s why.” —Alexis Bledel

Robert Klein

In the film, Jeff Daniels is a self-help guru. Was there a self-help book that ever affected you? “I just read two recently ‘Getting the Love You Want’ is a very good one, and ‘Boundaries.’ Actors tend to be a little more emotional, we tend to hear peoples’ issues and want to fix them, and take them on.” —Tony Hale

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