PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Mandela Day Concert

Radio City Music Hall. July 18, 2009. By Bennett Marcus

What would you like to say to Mr. Mandela? “I want to say happy birthday to Mr. Mandela. I’m very proud to be here.” —Carla Bruni

Whoopi Goldberg (Getty Images)

What do you want for your 91st birthday? “I hope I have a party like this.” —Jesse McCartney

Cyndi Lauper

Forest Whitaker

It’s Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Can you make up a lyric for him? “If America’s the United States of America, then why can’t Africa be the United States of Africa?” —Wyclef Jean

Queen Latifah (Getty Images)

Stevie Wonder (Getty Images)

It’s Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday. Can you make up a lyric for him? “This is going to be a really terrible rhyme: Nelson Mandela for many more years we hope you’ll stay, I hope you can feel the love and support we show you on this special day.” —Josh Groban

Morgan Freeman


How would you suggest Nelson Mandela indulge himself on his 91st birthday? “I want him to be able to eat whatever he wants.” —Lil’ Kim

Aretha Franklin (Getty Images)

Alicia Keys (Getty Images)

What is Nelson Mandela like when he’s not in the public eye? “He reads a lot. He reads every newspaper, every publication that writes about him.” —Sipho Mabuse

Alfre Woodard

Gloria Gaynor

What did you see when you were at the White House recently? “I thought they were going to get rid of the tennis court and only have a basketball court, but they have both, so I’m happy.” —Billie Jean King

party lines image